Mayor Jon Engen

Former Mayor John Engen

“Dave Strohmaier is intelligent, compassionate and is always seeking the best solutions for the challenges facing residents of Missoula County. He lives his principles, listens, learns and acts collaboratively with elected colleagues, staff and the folks he swore to serve. He’s earned my vote for years and will have it again in November.”

Addrien Marx

“I strongly endorse Dave Strohmaier to continue serving as Missoula County Commissioner.  As a father of two children, Dave understands the value of making good decisions that will sustain our rural way of life while building strong communities and infrastructure for a healthy and thriving future. He has already deeply understood the complex and varied issues, as well as the governmental pathways to get things done. Dave Strohmaier for Missoula County Commissioner, a proven leader for all of us. Join me in making this important vote!”

Josh Slotnick

"Dave Strohmaier is a consummate public servant, he's thoughtful, deliberative and bold. He has the work ethic of an agrarian, the heart of an activist and the mind of a professor. Being a County Commissioner entails a high degree of tradecraft, and Dave has reached master status. He's the real thing and I heartily endorse his re-election."

Juanita Vero

"Dave Strohmaier is exemplary. Kind, profound, valiant, he demonstrates the leadership we need and deserve. From the climate crisis to health equity, from the Swan to Lolo, Huson to Clinton, Strohmaier's experience will help Missoula County successfully navigate the challenging years before us."

Former Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica Lindeen
Former Supt. of Public Instruction Nancy Keenan
County Commissioner Juanita Vero
County Commissioner Josh Slotnick
County Auditor Dave Wall
County Attorney Kirsten Pabst
County Clerk and Treasurer Tyler Gernant
County Sherrif TJ Mcdermott
County Superintendent of Schools Erin Lipkind
Fmr. County Clerk and Treasurer Vickie Zeier
Fmr. County Auditor Barbara Berens
Mayor John Engen
Former Missoula Mayor Dan Kemmis
Former Missoula Mayor Mike Kadas
City Councilman Jordan Hess
City Councilwoman Mirtha Becerra
City Councilwoman Heidi West
City Councilwoman Gwen Jones
City Councilwoman Jennifer Savage
City Councilwoman Amber Sherrill
Fmr. City Councilman Bryan Von Lossberg
Fmr. City Councilwoman Caitlin Copple
Fmr. City Councilman Jason Wiener
Fmr. City Councilman Ed Childers
CSKT Councilman Martin Charlo
Fmr. CSKT Tribal Chairwoman Shelly Fyant
Fmr. County Auditor Barbara Berens
Fmr. County Commissioner Ann Mary Dussault
State Senator Ellie Boldman
State Senator Diane Sands
State Senator Shane Morgeau
State Senator Shannon O’Brien
State Senator,Tom,Steenberg
State Rep. Willis Curdy
State Rep. Connie Keogh
State Rep. Mark Thane
State Rep. Marilyn Marler
State Rep. Tom France
State Rep. Katie Sullivan
State Rep. Andrea Olsen
Fmr. State Senator Ron & Nancy Erickson
Fmr. State Senator Bryce Bennett
Fmr. State Senator Sue Malek
Fmr. State Senator Kimberly Dudik
Fmr. State Senator Dick Barrett
Fmr. State Rep. Chuck & Mary Erickson

Tyler Smith
Neva Hassanein
Tommy Peterson
Kim Richardson
Ross Prosperi
Ross Prosperi
Tim Lovely
Burt Caldwell
Bill Geer
Jack Rowan
David Stalling
Roger DiBrito
Bonnie Buckingham
Col. Douglas and Marsha Okland
Alan & Sue Newell
Jesse Jaeger
Derek Goldman
Pat O’Herron
Dan and Jane Bucks
Addrien Marx
Ethel MacDonald
Scott Zeier
Mary Borchard
Todd Frank
Susan Hay Patrick
C.B. Person
Scott Pankratz
Julie Osborne
Cynthia Manning
Amy Cilimburg
Sneed Collard
Amy Ratzlaf
Ray and Susie Richo
Dana Boussard
Kathi Olsen
Laura Millin
Martha Newell
Suzette Dussault


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